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Clothes Drying Hangers that honour the concept of Japanese Quality

"Japanese Quality" concisely describes two kinds of quality: atarimae hinshitsu and miryokuteki hinshitsu.

In the design of goods or services applying the principles of atarimae hinshitsu and miryokuteki hinshitsu together ensure that a creation will both work to customers' expectations and also be desirable to have. Source: quality)

My Japanese Laundry’s clothes drying hangers are manufactured by our Japanese supplier who has been in business for over 60 years with a reputation for excellence in achieving both aesthetic and functional quality in the manufacture of their products.  Designed in Japan, primarily for the Japanese market, and manufactured in the company's factory in Vietnam, they are now available in Australia.

When you choose a clothes drying hanger choose one with quality you can trust. One with Japanese Quality.  Start here


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