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Bundle and Save. Buy 2 or more Pastelvarie Flower Laundry Clothes Hanging Dryer with 8 Hangers and Save over 21% of the cost of buying individually.



The compact hanger makes it easy to hang up to eight shirts indoors or out with the secure hanging hook to give you a little extra confidence. Made of polypropylene, iron wire (with polyethylene film) and steel wire.

Key features Product dimensions

 Made from durable materials

 Height:42 cm

 Unique 8 hanger design

 Width: 38 cm

 Folds and stores compactly

 Length: 51 cm

 Saves on power bills


 Extends the life of clothes


 Easy to use indoors or outdoors




Each hanger has a special slit to help avoid stretching the neck of t-shirts and similar. See picture below.


 * Based on a 10% discount on each item and combined shipping savings compared to the cost of purchasing each item individually.

Manufactured by our Japanese supplier who has been in business for over 60 years with reputation for quality design and manufacture. The products are designed in Japan, primarily for the Japanese market, and manufactured in the company's factory in Vietnam. 

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