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Tips for air drying clothes indoors

Here's a few tips for drying clothing indoors:

* Select the fastest spin cycle on your washing machine so you get the maximum amount of water out of your washed clothes.

* Place the clothes drying hanger near an air vent or open window so air can circulate around it.

* Allow space between items of clothing. If you try to cram too much on a drying hanger, things take longer to dry and can become musty.

* If you have ducted heating, place the laundry hanger near a duct.

* Turn items periodically so they dry evenly.

* If humidity is a problem, you can use a fan to help circulate the air.


Air drying clothes indoors has a few advantages over using electric clothes dryers. Firstly, clothes last longer as electric dryers can damage clothing fabric and stitching over time. Secondly, it's more environmentally friendly as it uses less electricity. Thirdly, if you have a drying rack or hanger, you can dry your clothes almost anywhere in your home.

 Air drying clothes with clothes drying hanger rack