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Bundle and Save. Clothes Airer Parasol and Laundry Clothes Hanging Dryer with 32 clips


Save 21%* by purchasing a 32 Clip Hanger and Parasol pack.

Pastelvarie Aluminium Laundry Clothes Hanging Dryer 32 Clips

Light but strong. Made from polypropylene, aluminium and steel wire this wet clothes drying hanger is designed to clip easily over a shower curtain rod or a clothes line. When not in use, it folds compactly for easy storage.  

Pastelvarie Flower Laundry Clothes Airer Parasol

Our personal favourite is the hanging dryer parasol. It just looks beautiful. Light plastic with a clip at the end of each arm to secure the items being dried, the parasol is ideal for use both indoors and out. If it rains it is easy to move back inside using the simple lever at the base to release the catch. Dimensions as 84.5 X 52 CM when opened. Folds up like an umbrella (parasol) for easy storage.



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