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Large Clothes Drying Hanger Bundle and Save Packs.


Save 20% by purchasing our Hanger value pack. 

Our largest clothes drying hanger the EXII Square Laundry Hanging Dryer comes in two sizes of 32 clips and 42 clips. It also features clips with extra long handles which make operation of the clips easier.  The arms on the clips are 25% to 30% longer than normal giving greater leverage and softer touch to open.



EXII  32 Clip is 350 X 620 X 350 mm when opened and weighs just 664g, the EXII 42 Clip is 380 X 760 X 390 mm when opened and weighs 870g.


The unique clothes drying hanger has a towel rail on each side.  This can serve two purposes as show below. First, simply allows your to dry two towels and two face washers (or tea towels) and secondly provides a convenient screen for clothing you don't want on public show. 


The clothes drying hanger is made of polypropylene, aluminium, iron wire and steel wire.

Open it is 420 X 760 X 350 mm and weighs 950g. 

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