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Clothes Drying Hanger in brown

Rich Dark Chocolate Polycarbonate Clothes Drying Hanger


Poly carbonates are a group of thermoplastic polymers containing carbonate groups in their chemical structures.

That means they are really strong, but light, and will last a long time.

As such our poly carbonate laundry series will last longer and are stronger compared to similar products made of polypropylene. Coming in two sizes, 24 and 32 clips, this lightweight but strong clothes drying hanger should be a welcome addition to your laundry. It comes in a rich chocolate colour and looks very, very tasty.
24 Clip is 350 X 350 X 315 mm when opened and weighs just 492g.
32 Clip is 350 X 620 X 405 mm when opened and weighs just 692g.

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